Team Xcel Wins Big at AFO Night of Champions

doug sampson mma

Team Xcel Wins Big at AFO

Team Xcel had a great night at the AFO’s Night of Champions with two Xcel fighters emerging from the cage victorious. Team Xcel’s Jim Manning comes away with his third MMA victory in a win over Blaine Waterman. Jim dominated the fight standing up against a relentless wrestler who had no quit in his game. It was a well deserved decision and hard fought win for Jim.

Team Xcel’s Doug Sampson came out of the cage victorious in his first MMA fight! Doug fought a heavier, taller and experienced BJJ purple belt in Fabio Lima. Doug was able to control the fight in all aspects and against a more experienced BJJ practitioner. Doug was able to dominate on the ground game, ending up in mount position in all three rounds and attempting several submissions that his opponent did a great job defending but Doug won an easy decision.

Overall a great night for team Xcel. It’s great to see these guys hard work in the gym pay off in the cage.